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Legal Insights in a Rap Style

Yo, listen up, I’ve got some legal insights for you to know
From contractual service margin ifrs 17 to driving a car without airbags to lander’s law corporation, let’s go

Need some legal counsel online, no need to whine
Click here, it’ll be just fine

Want to start a business, need a partnership agreement template
This link will help you set it straight

Html id naming rules got you puzzled, no need for grumbles
Click here, that’s the way, no troubles

Evicting a tenant in the UK, need to know how to do it right?
Click the link, it’s outta sight

Whoa, what is the legal drinking age in Virginia, is it high or low?
This link will let you know

Need access to a legal document library, no need for lament
Click here and it’s money well spent

Subletting a room and need a legal contract to seal the deal?
This link has got the appeal

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