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Rappin’ Legal Advice

Yo, listen up, I got some legal talk,
Roe v Wade got people in shock,
The legal problem with that case is hot,
But let me break it down, give it a shot.
Need info on a MVP corrected claim form?
Or maybe the JCT framework agreement is your norm,
Check out these links, get informed,
Legal knowledge is key, stay reformed.
What about dog tag legal requirements and export control rules,
Export control rules ain’t for fools,
Learn the rules, don’t be a tool,
Follow the law, it’s the right school.
Code of Canon Law annotated 4th edition,
Get the scoop, don’t live in omission,
Legal definition of household and postnuptial agreement,
Get your facts straight, don’t live in containment.
Want to know how much to invest in PPF to save tax,
Or if it’s legal to have 2 wives, no need to relax,
These legal questions, we got the facts,
Gather your knowledge, that’s how you’ll max.
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